Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Inspirations and Idols

This is a link to an article with a link to a tumblr that is so great!!  Lisa Frank is one of  my idols, because of her unabashed femininity, her wild imagination, and the fact that she started her company herself at the age of 22.  While her private life has been kept VERY private- few photos of her exist, and even fewer interveiws- it has been said that her company was almost run to the ground by her controlling husband- Until Lisa finally took it back for herself, and has been working to build it back to the empire of dreams it once was. The coupling of her over-the-top artwork with femenist quotes creates the perfect balance of everything a woman is capable of being.

On the subject of heroes, I would like to share another one of mine, who is kind of a sharp contrast to Lisa Frank, but as some may know, I love a good contrast.  Who is it?
 Its me, it's me- It's DDP!!

DDP, aka Daimond Dallas Page, former WCW champ, didn't step into a wrestling ring until he was 35.  He had done managent and worked other areas of the wrestling business, but when he decided he wanted to wrestle, he was told he was too old.  But he refused to listen, refused to give up, and went on to be champ as well as an all-around wrestling icon.  And when he was injured, he was told he would never wrestle again.  So he created his very own style theraputic yoga, healed his own injuries, got back in the ring, AND built a yoga empire.  I also recently learned DDP was dyslexic and didn't read his first adult-level book until he was 30. Simply because he wanted to. And believed he could.  I am like DDP because I am just getting started now, at the advent of 30.  But I believe I can. And I will!  And so will all you moms who still want to do something new.

Tricksie Update/Tricksie Gets PMS

There has been so much going on!!  And guess what?  I don't feel like doing any of it!! The only thing I have motivation for right now is eating string cheese and binge-watching watching Once Upon A Time.  Unfortunately, this isn't a string-cheese-and-binge-watching company, it's a skateboarding company, and more importantly a motivational company, and my to-do list gets longer and longer as episodes slip by...
but how do you not get lost in those eyes....

Pinnochio! Dang!  But anyway...So much has happened that I have needed to update my blog and facebook on, that I decided the best way to get it all out in one blog post was with a list. So here goes.

  1. Finish blog about girl's skateboarding as a moral issue.  While it's a serious issue that has been in the back of my mind since I started this project, I need to organize my very scattered and emotional thoughts on the subject better before attempting to write about it. I realized I was trying to force it and it didn't feel natural.
  2. Update on the SchCoExpo- Short answer, it was amazing.  I'd like to write a long emotion-packed entry about the Chamber of Commerce lady who looked away when I approached her with the baby in the stroller, how when I asked her how the Chamber could help my business grow she offered me a raffle ticket, and how she totally didn't take me seriously as an entrepreneur because I had a baby with me.  But besides that, I was able to meet the ladies behind our upcoming Fourth Friday bake sale event, and one of them, Jamie, offered assistance with tax forms and finding investment capital. INVESTMENT.CAPITAL.  This is really happening!!  I also met with someone from the Domestic Violence Awareness Program with whom I hope to partner for a safety event this fall.  AND free pens galore!!  
  3. Write about my 30th birthday/mothers day skate session.  I will make Bill post the video soon.  Don't go expecting some beautiful documentary on motherhood, or a youtube-worthy skate video, but I think it's pretty telling of a day in the life of a skater mom, from the whining pre-schooler to the small-town gossip.  But being back on board felt good. And even though the most gnarly tricks I managed were reverts and nose manuals, my drive to progress was reborn.  

  4. Email WIC lady about starting Motherhood Re-ACTION group, a group to help moms get back into pre-child hobbies or find new ones.  Another one of my mopping-time brainstorm ideas, I got a pretty positive reaction on facebook and my old breastfeeding councillor offered to help promote it.
  5. Also to do: Call Mayor about group meeting place, call youth center lady about insurence issues, call St. Rose College about free business plan, continue reading Do Cool Shit and A Girl's Guide To Skateboarding for information and inspiration, go to out-of-town skate parks to meet and network with other skaters and moms, design display boards for June Event, shop for bake sale, clean out closet, switch kids winter and summer clothes, laundry, dishes, vacuum...
     But how do you not get lost in those eyes?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Four skater-girl icons:  Patty McGee, (Her iconic Life Magazine cover in the early days of skating, before its bad-boy reputation took hold) Peggy Oki (of the ledgendary Z-Boys crew), Elissa Steamer (still my idol, she championed the "Girls Skate, no big deal" ideology) and Vanessa Torres, skater girl for thr new generation.
So who is Tricksie?

Tricksie is the name I picked for my next baby girl.  But, I'm not having another baby, so my business is my baby.  McGee of course is Patty McGee, everyone's favorite iconic hand-standing skater chick from the cover of a 1965 Life Magazine.  So, Tricksie McGee is my baby, my inspiration, my dream desperatey trying to become a reality.  See, I'm a mother of two, a loving wife, and a janitor by trade.  A great life, of course, but one that does on occasion beg the question....what else?

See?  Even as I type this I'm saying to myself, "Are people going to think I don't love my kids because I want "more" out of life?  Us mothers and our guilt, huh?

Postpartum depression hit me hard after Melody, my second-and last- was born.  Far different from only having one little angel to whom every need was catored, I now had to deal with a three-year-olds fragile development on top of breastfeeding a demanding, hungry baby.  I couldn't leave the house because the baby screamed in the cart from Point A to Point B.  And the housework, forget about it.  I was downright relieved to get back to work.  Except that I work on a college campus, where everyone is care-free and has all the time in the world to hang out with friends, pursue interests, or just sit around and relax.  My days were filled with little clips of conversation- "Hey, lets go swimming after class today." "Ohmygosh we were out sooo late last night."  "I'm just gonna watch movies all day."   And there I was, dragging a dust mop across the floor, dragging my exhausted, emotional, milk-ripe body behind it.

They came in and out of my dining hall every day.  Skaters, with their knit caps, obscure-logo tees, and big grins framing conversations and big gaps and gnarly slams.  I wanted to be there.  I wanted to feel that. That feeling of unbridaled freedom as you push down the street, ollie off a curb, glide along a half pipe, FINALLY nail that trick. The things I felt when ai was young, when I was myself with no attachments...I NEEDED to skate!

Tricksie McGee was born of two ideals.  One is the one that plagued me through my youth...Being the only girl skater in my small town.  Was it great cuz I was an individual?  Did it suck cuz no one "really" understood me?  Did I not care cuz I just wanted to skate and avoid social commentary?  Those statenments were all true at various stages of my skater girl career.  Looking back as an adult, I am accutely aware of the struggles faced by girls who like to do "boy" things.  We are teased, we are overly praised, expectations are higher, and we have to prove ourselves more than boys.  But skateboarding is fun, and skateboarding is such a great way to build self-esteem and individuality, two qualities hard to seek out in a society so demanding of young females.  So, ideal one: Get girls to skate, and help them to feel good and accepted about it as well.

Ideal two- When those skater girls become moms, as their naturally-hormonal bodies are inclinded to do....Let them not abandon their hobbies; THEMSELVES, when swamped with the demands of motherhood.  Let them find the time to hit the streets.  Let them not feel judged for not being home with the kids for a little while.  Let them know its ok to feel sad, empty, lost.....but you may feel less so just by getting back to your old self, just for a little while.  Besides, what better way to model that self esteem and individuality to your kids?